Couples Sexual Health

Physical intimacy is an essential part of a relationship for many couples and is what differentiates between a romantic relationship versus a friendship. When there are challenges with sex, it can be difficult for couples to know how to address it. Relationship and emotional issues can cause sexual issues and vice versa. Shame, fear, and anxiety can keep couples from being able to talk thorugh challenges when they arise. The inaccurate messages we receive from the media, culture, and families can create unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our partners.

We provide evidence based sex therapy for couples struggling with: 

Our experienced clinicians will provide a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels heard and supported. We don’t view one person as the problem and seek to meet couples where they are to focus on what they can do right now, while at the same time supporting them to grow, explore, and connect in new ways that create sexual satisfaction. 

A component of couples work is sensate focus therapy. It teaches couples how to gain comfort, trust, mindfulness, and communncation about various sexual challenges. Ongoing conversations about the barriers to physical intimacy help forge new pathways to understanding and connection. For couples where one person has sexual pain, they benefit from sensate focus therapy to remove the partner as a pain stimulus. We also offer educational workshops and intensives that provide couples with accurate education and then exploration guided by an experienced therapist.

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Sexual Couples Workshop

Couples will create a cheat sheet for their partner about their likes, dislikes, and things they are curious about. However, it won't just be sex (main event) it will also be about the appetizer (foreplay) and dessert (aftercare).