Sex After 60

Portrait of a happy senior couple sitting together outdoors

What does sexuality entail after 60? This is often more of a challenge for men than women. One’s ability to see themself as masculine or feminine can feel associated with sexual performance. There is a lot of pressure to “finish” and orgasm during sex. Many people feel that sex is a race to an orgasm finish line in order for sex to be successful. The truth is, sex can be defined in many ways but is not limited to an orgasm.  At all ages, sex is said to be something that creates pleasure and connection. Being playful with your partner(s) can be fun, exciting, relaxing, and joyful. We hope to assist you alone or with your partner(s) with finding a comfortable sexual experience that allows you to both feel pleasure, connection, and happiness in the relationship. We can help you as an individual or as a couple find a place of sexual health that facilitates connection and authenticity with your partner(s) and yourself.

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